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Israeli Wine - A Timeless Tradition

Did you know King David had a sommelier? Did you know Israel has a wine history even older than many countries in Europe? Did you know the famed Baron de Rothschild of Bordeaux’s Ch. Lafitte is credited with launching the modern wine era in Israel? The Israeli wine industry has been described as 5000 years young!

As the cradle of civilization, Israel employed advanced winemaking techniques thousands of years ago, and today is being rejuvenated and reestablished by globally-educated winemakers dedicated to making the best quality wine in the world. At once ancient and proudly looking to the future, Israel’s wines are TIMELESS. Read to discover wine from the place where the business of wine first flourished:

  • Israeli wine history began 5000 years ago but its modern history began when Baron de Rothschild planted Bordeaux varietals in the late 1880’s at Mt. Carmel which translates to “God’s Vineyards”.

  • Israel makes Kosher and sweet wines, but most of its wine is non-Kosher and now trends toward elegance and restraint employing high altitude winemaking processes.

  • Wineries are experimenting with sustainable methods to “take back the desert” and make viticulture possible in the Negev, as well as protect the overall environment.

  • Considered the beginning of the Mediterranean, Israel comprises the following wine regions: Galilee (Upper and Lower), Golan Heights, Central Mountains (Mt. Carmel, Menashe Hills, Judean Hills, Shomron Hills), Coastal Plains, Judean Foothills, Negev

  • Bordeaux varietals are widespread, as are Rhone varietals which are perfectly suited to Israel’s Mediterranean climate.

  • Women winemakers like Hila Dahan of Somek wine are also stewarding Israel’s wine revolution making sustainable, vegan, and biodynamic wines.

  • Visit Israel Wine Direct to find diverse, family-owned producers such as Kshor, Agur, Somek, and Margalit; other important wine producers include Recanati, Tbor, Tulip, Barkan, Golan Heights Winery, and Yarden.




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