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A Riesling Revelation

I had a Riesling revelation.

The Rhein is the soul of Riesling and after decades of enjoying the wine without truly experiencing its terroir, I finally made the journey to the Rheingau–one of the smallest of Germany’s 13 wine regions, but one of its most memorable. From wineries carrying on centuries of family tradition to talented start-up winemakers, the Rheingau truly is the Riesling capital of the world.

What makes the Rheingau perfect for Riesling?

  • At just 3200 hectares of which 80% is planted to Riesling and 12% is planted to Pinot Noir, the Rheingau has a cool climate that suits these late ripening grape varieties;

  • The vineyards face Southwest at the bend in the Rhein, rainfall is ideal, and cool winds blow from the Taunus;

  • The soils also provide the nuances required to make Riesling and with slate, quartz, loess clay, and marl, the Rheingau provides unique diversity and complexity to the wines.

Rieslings are one of the most versatile and age-worthy styles of wine. With a core structure of acidity and ranging from bone dry to lusciously sweet, Riesling can satisfy any palate. Look for “Trocken” label if you prefer dry Rieslings, “Halb-trocken” for more off-dry Rieslings. For the highest quality Rieslings look for “Grosses Gewachs” on the label.

It was a dream for me to explore and experience this historical region. In the picturesque city of Rudesheim I tasted wines from small family producers such as Allendorf @weingutallendorf and then hiked 2000 ft up to the Germania monument for the most spectacular view of vineyards on the banks of the Rhein.

Are you looking to rediscover Riesling? Follow me and let’s chat about this amazing grape!



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