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The Metaverse Meets Wine

Wine in the Metaverse is for everyone. And it’s beyond virtual tastings.

Wine in the Metaverse is for everyone. And it’s beyond virtual tastings.

Thank goodness!

Digital technology helped us maintain connections with our communities during the pandemic, and in many ways allowed for expanded engagement within our networks. But as wine enthusiasts we know one of the main reasons we love wine is because it presents the opportunity to savor and share this beverage in the actual presence of others. Wine connects us, creates memories, and links us with moments in time.

Online wine experiences remain useful but by no means can replace actual clinking of glasses.

And the metaverse is not trying to replace our human interactions but rather enhance, support, and create innovative ways to make our vino voyage even more meaningful, dynamic, and social!

Wine in the Metaverse will revolutionize your vino voyage.

Imagine a unified virtual community where wine enthusiasts from all over the world and levels of interest and knowledge can discover, interact, socialize—savor wine together! Imagine a three-dimensional environment where we can deepen and extend our love for wine digitally while creating more authentic and natural experiences with no physical boundaries?

It’s here, Friends.

WiV’s Sandbox Winemaker Demo is launching on 13 April and will give us the chance to explore new ways to transform our eno-existence. Have you ever wanted to experience actually making wine? Not all of us can take a sabbatical from our lives to harvest grapes, make wine, find a distributor, and tackle the supply chain to create our own wine brand. But through this partnership with this Sandbox game, WiV is going to allow us to do all these things.

Sure, this isn’t going to replace holding a glass and taking a sip, but it’s going to give me a chance to experience a level of wine enjoyment I would otherwise never have. All from the comfort of my own home and without completely disrupting my life.

Wine in the Metaverse is not just for gamers, I promise.

Yes, this is a Sandbox game. It’s an approach that is based on a platform complete with avatars, computer simulations, and quizzes. But this is just the beginning of an ecosystem—a gaming term for what I like to refer as “community''—that will help create new, authentic experiences for anyone interested in wine. Not just gamers, not just techies, and not just wine snobs. In fact, this will allow everyone—with diverse backgrounds, levels of wine knowledge, from all geographic locations—to play, engage, learn, and even invest in the wine world.



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