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Space to Soil

From SPACE to SOIL– Truly a 4-D, 5 senses immersive event.

Using the latest in AI mapping technology & together with my colleagues winemaker Alessandro Gallici & Vinnovative owner Franco Canciani, I hosted a multisensory wine class representing the best of Italy’s North & South.

It was a wine class that truly appealed to each of the five senses. Here is how it went:


Using Saturnalia.Tech’s revolutionary 3-D mapping platform which collects quality data, price analyses & predictions for fine wines, I showcased Italy’s most famous regions including the Piemonte & the innovative Friuli region. The Saturnalia team–a multidisciplinary cadre of engineers & sommeliers–constantly update their maps and wine database, so that the world’s most famous vineyards can be observed in 3D, complete with data, analyses and predictions. This awe-inspiring technology truly took our class to the next level.


The wines were aromatic, expressive, & layered. From Prosecco to the Refosco, we detected every note of terroir leaping out the glass. The most aromatic whites? Vizionario Friulian blend, & the Pecorino. Fragrantly-expressive reds included the Barolo & Tombacco Rosso Sicilia.


I was honored to have award-winning Friulian winemaker Alessandro Gallici as his passion for tradition and terroir-based wines is only bested by his ability to tell the story of his wines. We were also treated to an engaging discussion & informative commentary from Franco Canciani the founder of Vinnovative, who has brought the best family and independently-owned Italian wines to the US for over 20 years.


We explored tradition & innovation with examples from the North (Friuli, Veneto, Piemonte) & South of Italy (Abruzzo, Sicilia). We tasted the following wines:

Anno Domini Prosecco, Alessandro Gallici Visionario Bianco Trevenzie White Blend, Vigne de Malina Pinot Grigio, Rinomata Cantina Pecorino, Rinomata Cantina Aglianico, Franco Francesco Barolo, Vigne de Malina Merlot, Rinomata Cantina Rosso Sicilia, and Vigne de Malina Refosco.


A hands-on class, we also were treated to examples of the vineyard soils from which the wines came. From sand, to clay, to the famous Ponca soil we were able to feel examples of the unique terroir.



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