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A Mexican National Treasure: Mezcal

Happy Mezcal Day! As you know, Mezcal is near and dear to my heart—the national spirit of Mexico, its history spans 500 years and until recently was unknown to the rest of the world. I’ve written a lot about Mezcal, but here are some other interesting facts about this distilled agave beverage:

  • It’s name comes from the indigenous Nahuatal word “mexcalli” meaning “cooked agave.

  • Mezcal can be made from up to 40 different agave species, with Espadin being the most common.

  • It derives its smoky, complex aromas and flavors from being cooked in an earthen oven with wood.

  • The term “mezcal” traditionally was used to encompass all agave spirits from Mexico , but now has a designated appellation of origin in 9 Mexican states including Oaxaca, the largest producer.

  • Mezcal is one of the fastest growing spirits categories with a forecasted growth rate of 16.4% through 2026, and a recorded growth rate of 30% in 2019.

Much of the beauty of Mezcal is in its diversity of characteristics and producers. Right now I’m savoring Mezcal Amaras whose commitment to crafting Mezcal is based on sustainability and adhering to a holistic “seed to sip” cycle. As the first carbon neutral Mezcal producer, @mezcalamaras also spearheads an organic replanting program, wild agave rescue initiatives, efforts focusing on horizontal growth in support of the traditional craftsmen of Mezcal, and is committed to paying a fair price to improve the standard of living for the Mezcalerx and their families. With Espadin and Cupreata expressions, a soon-to-be released Mezcal Verde, and their Logia expression, Mezcal Amaras allows you to explore the range of artisanal Mezcal. A product they believe to be the best-distilled spirit in the world.




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