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Sustainable Spirits

Why am I passionate about sustainable spirits?

I met the owners of Pisco 1901 Merelyn Valdivia and sisters Paulina and Andrea Lozano of Ajal Mezcal like so many of us during the pandemic--via social media. But their passion and dedication for producing their countries’ national spirits (Peru and Mexico respectively) in sustainable fashion served as inspiration for my own conscientious consumption of spirits.

These are women who are pioneers in traditionally patriarchal countries who are adamant about ensuring their families’ legacy of spirits production recognizes ecological wellness, encourages social equity, and supports local economic vitality. These are women who want their legacy to be secured for future generations; who want their national spirits to continue to flourish so we can ALL enjoy how unique and delicious they are; and who truly care about empowering their local communities. These are also dynamic women who are moms, wives,

and have fascinating professional careers.

You can learn more via instagram about Merelyn Valdivia’s @pisco1901 from Peru and Paulina and Andrea Lozano’s @ajalmezcal from Mexico and why their story is critical for the spirits industry.



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